08 11 / 2011

Effie Nanas Ballet presents: Enchanted Ballets
November 6 2011 Sunday, 5pm at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater)

We rehearsed for 8 months or maybe more for a very special day to all of us. I remember the RT’s in twitter on how many weeks/days left before the very big day. (who else is guilty aside from me?! *EHEM* haha!)

The last time I danced was 7 years ago. yes, i stopped. but you know, something about it made me miss it so much. i just don’t know how to explain and put it into words. I never thought that i’d be back performing on stage again. heehee and it felt really awesome! like i’m home again. ♥

The production is composed of 2 parts: Snow White and Nutcracker (Clara’s Dream). Can i just say that the whole show is just WOW? from the props to the stage back drops and costume, everything was amazing and pretty. compared to the other recitals back then. HAHA and i got very emotional at the end. especially when we were all clapping for teacher Effie. #tearyeyed

So here are some photos from November 5 and November 6 
(i just grabbed the photos from some people’s Facebook, hihihi thank you! :D)

Sam’s first ballet recital! :) she’s wearing her chinese costume.

Next: ROOM 202!! :D

—> it’s not really my dressing room. they just adopted me and tash. :))

L-R Top: Iann, Kristine, Tash, Me
L-R Bottom: Ate Dione, Mariel, Isabel

HAHA swag-ish ballerinas :))

i learned how to put on my own makeup 2 days before the dress rehearsal!!! #achievement! :>

that’s my face in the iTouch. :| :))
i’m wearing the soldiers costume because it’s my first dance. awww, i wanted snowflakes. :))

Mariel and Tash putting on Makeup. Me, yeah i’m a soldier. tough woman.

NEXT: Wacky group pictures! (Self-Timer)

i like this picture. :)

with Kristine. THAT IS NOT ACTING. my facial expression is real. HAHA kidding. this is actually my profile picture in Facebook right now. :))

ROOM 202, REPRESENT!!! ♥ :))

Our soloists and Pas de Deux girls!! i heard you guys were awesome!! well, i know that you guys are really awesome. haha! Kim, Cassie and Courtney are not in this picture tho. CONGRATS!!! >:D<
L-R: Eunice [Spanish], Christel [Snow White], Tiff [Bluebird], Judy [Lead Bird], Katrene’s Mom, Christel’s Mom, Katrene [Sugar Plum Fairy Princess, hahaha it’s so long! :)) ]
Kim [Snow Queen], Cassie [Fairy], and Courtney [Clara]

awww, at the grand stairs of CCP main theater. :D

I will definitely miss the going-home-late every saturday and sunday because next week, it will be back to normal. I will miss the dressing room (room 203 and 202) and my room mates, i will miss the quick changes, i will miss putting on stage makeup, and of course, the humongous stage/theater. all the hard work had paid off. ‘til next time!! :)


** thank you Kim, Eana, Tita and Bea for watching! >:D< see you (kim and bea) soon!!! >:D< i hope Eana’s inspired to dance ballet because of the whole production. and bea, don’t tease me, or else. :))

*** And of course, thank you so much God for making all these possible. I LOVE YOU!!! >:D< :* :D